eWatch Review

Introduction: What is eWatch?


In the world of technology, smartwatches have changed the way we look at gadgets. These may look like a watch but are actually wearable computers choc-full of useful features. The functionalities are not limited to telling time. The smartwatch displays notifications from your smartphone, monitors your running stats, keeps an eye on your heart rate, urges you to move around, and performs many such actions that help improve the quality of your life.

Big tech brands have launched their products, but most are very costly. For those who are looking for affordable yet feature-loaded smartwatches, eWatch is one of the best options. eWatch is, in fact, one of the most promising entries in the smartwatch sector. Manufactured in the same factories of China where other major brands are made, it offers all the features that you can find in its big-brand counterparts like Fitbit, Apple, and Samsung. The software and technology of those expensive models are incorporated in eWatch. Still, the cost is less than half of the flagship smartwatches of those prominent brands.

If you are enthusiastic about keeping up a healthy lifestyle, eWatch is going to be your reliable partner. The watch is capable of monitoring health vitals with precision. eWatch keeps a log of your pulse rate, sleep cycle, heart rate, and many other vitals. More than a luxury item, the eWatch has become a necessity.

Many-a-times, when you are busy with work in the office or having a good time with your family at home, you may forget about a meeting or a crucial time-bound task. This watch will remind you and send you a notification about it. The reminders that you can set in this watch will ensure that you do not miss any important personal or professional project for the day.

The Retina HD Touch screen on the watch ensures ease of operation. The Android operating system runs smoothly, without any lag. The device is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones.

Some may think that it will not look good during business meetings or at professional events. However, many professionals nowadays prefer this watch because it reduces the burden of carrying multiple devices like a laptop with you. Being lightweight with a sleek design, even if you are on a date, this watch will instead help you in creating an impression on the person on the other side of the table.

While choosing a smartwatch, features and looks both matters. One is quickly drawn to the lure of brand names. But because of the prohibitive costs of the smartwatches from those big brands, customers think that they have to shell out a hefty amount to own one. With eWatch, you can now own a state-of-the-art quality smartwatch at the price of a regular wristwatch. The misconception of smartwatches being non-affordable ended with the entry of eWatch in the market.

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How does eWatch work?

Since the first smartwatch made its entry into the gadget souk, these small but powerful gadgets have captured a considerable market share. From athletes to businesspersons and from house-makers to students, eWatch is useful for everyone. When you keep it on your wrist, it feels like having a personal assistant who helps you stay organized as well as takes care of your health.

The watch is encased in scratch-resistant aluminum. The screen is covered with high-strength double-sided glass that makes it impact-proof irrespective of where and when you wear it. The watch comes with a very comfortable silicon-based strap that does not cause any sweat. Thus, you can keep wearing it comfortably 24X7, which is necessary for monitoring your vitals.

The watch watches over you. This innovative wearable provides the health benefits of a fitness tracker along with the style of a high-end fashion accessory. It is a known fact that sitting sedentary for long is a health risk. eWatch will remind you to move around from time to time and stretch your muscles to help improve your circulation.

Never miss an incoming call or an important email. Your eWatch will sync with your phone and convey all notifications to you promptly.

The eWatch offers you the option to personalize it as per your life preferences and health goals. Pick any from the multiple watch faces and the features that are over 15 in the count. You can access the menu and the settings by swiping the HD retina touch screen and can set up all your favorite apps like step counter, sedentary alerts, cardio monitoring, sleep monitoring, your music, notifications from your phone and more. You can even get an accurate electrocardiogram and share the records with your cardiologist.

Moreover, remain worry-free about misplacing it. Simply activate the anti-lost feature with GPS, and it will notify you of its location when it catches a signal. Reap all the benefits of a productive smartwatch at a fraction of the cost.

Perhaps the best functionality of the smartwatch is its compatibility with both Android and iOS and its ease of use. Its standard USB charging port lets you recharge it anywhere, with any USG plug and charging station. However, you will not need to charge it frequently owing to its long battery life. What’s more, the eWatch smartly prevents energy wastage with its power save mode.

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eWatch characteristic features: Fitness Tracker, Alarm Clock and watch all rolled into one device

When we talk about gadgets, we need to keep in mind that technology is advancing at a very high pace. It is essential to have a smartwatch with all the advanced features so that you need not upgrade the device anytime soon. Here is a look at all the futuristic functionalities that eWatch provides.

  1. Dialer with Bluetooth capabilities: Most of the smartwatches that are available in the market do not come with a Bluetooth dialer. It helps in connecting the device with your smartphone. You can enjoy listening to music and controlling the playlist without touching your phone. It is a handy feature while making and receiving calls as well.
  2. Health vital monitoring: The watch is equipped with a pedometer that keeps track of the number of steps you take every day. The sedentary monitor also urges you to stretch and move once you have been sitting for a particular duration.
  3. Monitor your heart rate in real-time: The heart rate indicator records your resting and dynamic heart rates and informs you about any alteration. Based on that, you can make a firm decision on initiating changes in your lifestyle and exercise regime.
  4. Keep your calorie intake in check: The Calorie tracker in the watch keeps track of the calories you have consumed and burnt throughout the day.
  5. Improve your sleep quality: Make the most of the sleep monitoring app to find out how much sleep you are getting. You can track all the sleep states like Deep Sleep, Light Sleep, and Awake Stage and utilize the results to improve the quality of your rest. Sufficient sleep is crucial for a healthful life.
  6. OS-compatibility: Unlike the products from the big shot brands, the eWatch is not limited to any one operating system. It offers compatibility with both iOS and Android OS. Connect to your smartphone with the Fundo app. All you need to do is install the app and connect with it via Bluetooth. You can then start to use the applications on the device. You can get notifications of incoming calls, text messages, Facebook updates, and WhatsApp messages and push notifications for many other apps. You can manage your phone’s camera or amuse yourself with your preferred music through Bluetooth.
  7. LCD HD retina touch screen: The watch comes with 240 x 240 pixels touch screen that has a sturdy finish. It is designed for effortless operation.
  8. Voice search: Easily locate your favorite app with this functionality.
  9. Alarms: Alarms are essential if you want to complete tasks and attend appointments punctually. This watch has an alarm feature that enables you to sleep peacefully, knowing that your reliable assistant will wake you up on time.
  10. Reminders: You can set reminders for meetings, professional events, family events and more. It will send a reminder alert on the specified date and time. You can either end the reminder or make it remind you later after a specific interval(s).

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Benefits of using eWatch: Why buy this brand?

As it is going to be a long time partner, you need to know the benefits of using this device over others. Some of the most common advantages are as follows:

  1. Battery life: One of the most ou essential aspects of the smartwatch that you should consider while finalizing it is battery life. You do not want to own a watch that has a short battery life and can ditch you in the middle of the day. eWatch comes with a battery life of four to five days. It takes only one hour to charge the device entirely.
  2. Quality: The housing is ultra-resistant aluminum that makes it lightweight and comfortable to wear while considerably extending the life of the device. The tempered glass on the top protects against scratches and any damage that can result from extended wear.
  3. User-friendly: There is no harm in admitting that not everyone is tech-savvy. Many people might want to own a smartwatch, but they hesitate as these devices can be complicated to use. eWatch has been designed, keeping in mind that even a non-tech savvy person can use it without any much hassle.
  4. Display: It comes with a sturdy, bright, and colorful display. You do not have to stress your eyes to read out the information on the screen in any lighting condition.
  5. Compatibility: As it is compatible with both Android and iOS, it can connect to all the mobile phones available in the market.
  6. An excellent choice for an active lifestyle: The device comes with electrocardiograms or an ECG sensor that helps in keeping a check on your heart rate and rhythm. The device also displays the distance you covered and the number of steps you took and how much time elapsed while you go for jogging or walking. It also helps keep track of your calorie consumption. It even reminds you to walk around if you have been sedentary for too long. At its competitive price, it is a better alternative to any leading fitness gadget available in the market

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Technical Specifications of eWatch

  • Size: 100.000, 1×30, 5×30, 5cm
  • Band: Silicon
  • Display: Touch screen with retina HD
  • Weight: 99.8g
  • Waterproof: Yes. Up to 1 meter.
  • Alarms: Yes automatic
  • Bluetooth: Functionality provided for music, phone calls and more
  • Battery: One non-removable lithium-polymer battery
  • OS Compatibility: Compatible with both iOS and Android
  • Message And Call Notifications: Yes
  • Case: Ultra-resistant aluminum

How to use eWatch

  • There is a button on the right side of the watch. Long press on the button to switch on the clock.
  • Using Bluetooth on your smartphone, set up a connection with the watch.
  • To check the calorie rate, a heart condition, steps, and other health stats use the health tracker button.
  • You can long-press the button if you want to reject incoming calls.
  • Charge it with any USB charge plug.
  • Please keep in mind that it takes only an hour to recharge the battery, and you should not keep it plugged into the charger once it attains full charge.

From where to purchase the eWatch

To get the genuine product, make sure you are buying your eWatch from its official website only. The company often runs limited period offers on the watch, and you can avail of substantial discounts. Such discounts are not available if you want to buy it from another e-commerce website.

Price of the eWatch

The company is currently offering a seasonal discount on the watch. You can save up to 50% on the MRP. After the discount, eWatch is now available for 79 USD with free shipping. If you decide to buy multiple watches in case you want to gift them to your family or friends,
you can avail of an extra discount as well.

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Replacement or money back

Once you have placed the order, it may take up to 20-days to process the order. In case you have received a defective piece, you can contact the customer support team and lodge a complaint. Please keep in mind that you can request a replacement or a refund only within 30-days of the delivery. The official website contains all the information you need in this context.


Pros and cons of eWatch


  • It has a long, about 4-5 days of battery life
  • It has reminders and alarms functions
  • It comes with ECG monitor
  • It is durable and long-lasting


  • You have to be careful while charging it as overcharging may cause damage
  • Stocks get over fast

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eWatch Customer reviews

Samantha: Being a runner, I need to keep track of my daily activities. At the end of the day, if I don’t know how many calories I have consumed and burnt, it feels incomplete. I started using this eWatch a couple of months ago, and I am so happy that I purchased this over other big shot brands. It was absolutely in my budget. The watch was delivered in 21 days on my doorstep, and since then, I have not spent an hour without it. I only keep it aside while taking a bath and rest of the time it stays on my wrist. I must point out that the strap and the casing are so comfortable. The high-quality silicone band does not cause any sweating, which makes it easier for me to wear it all the time. I came to know about this watch through a friend. I have suggested it to at least ten of my friends since I got it.

Robert: I am a coder, and most of my day is spent typing code on the computer. I often find myself sedentary all day, and no one was there to remind me that it is not suitable for my heart. On the suggestion of my doctor, I bought eWatch five months ago. In these five months, the trackers on the watch have encouraged me to be more active. I started with a small target of 2000 steps per day, and now I have reached 7500 steps a day. I am keeping the goal of 10k steps, and I am sure I will achieve it. eWatch has completely transformed me, and I am taking extra care of my health. I take regular breaks while working, thanks to the reminders I have created. I also keep my phone at a two-arm distance and receive calls and messages on my watch only. If you haven’t bought it yet, I will urge you to place the order today!

Final words

We are living in a digital era where we harness technology for the betterment and ease of our everyday life. Some gadgets may confuse us at times, but many of these are helping us to become an improved version of ourselves. Planning to attain the next level in your health regime? Or, maybe you want help in synchronizing your personal or professional life better. In any scenario, the eWatch is the right device for you.

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